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Choices that consumers make are rarely rational

Adding Implicit research techniques to seek underlying measures that people are not fully conscious of.

Overcome challenges with Implicit Testing

Krenium understands implicit testing market research extremely well. Implicit testing helps us see consumer behavior differently. We scientifically measure consumers' feelings and perceptions using implicit testing to help brand managers make the right calls.

Unmask Decision-Making

Decisions consumers make are mostly unconscious. Factors that go beyond their conscious awareness. To unmask how decision-making actually happens, one needs to go beyond what people say this can be achieved via research implicit. Our online neuromarketing consumer research tools are founded on System 1 implicit testing allowing us to quantitatively test anyone, anywhere across the USA, UK, UAE, Singapore and India. Using implicit techniques, we uncover consumer insights that buttress a client's marketing dollar's effectiveness.

implicit testing market research
implicit testing market research

Most decision making is unconscious

Marketing decisions cannot rely only on just asking people. Through implicit market research and scientific implicit testing methods, one can test packaging, ads or messaging. We measure intuitive responses using implicit testing market research so that our clients make the right choices.

Brand Research

Brands naturally have associations with qualities to feelings of imagery. Implicit testing highlights what a consumer intuitively associates with your brand as well as your competing brands.

Ad Effectivness

From amongst the media clutter can any brand get noticed? In this mayhem of distractions there are clever ways to influence feelings about your brand and product, and optimize them.

Packaging Testing

Every consumer believes that he/she makes rational choices. The fact, however, is that these "rational" consumers are swayed by their first meeting/seeing/touching of the brand or product. Everything they do later revolves around finding supports or evidence to corroborate their initial feeling.

Why You Should Do This

In a world of a zillion choices, what consumers think and do in that split second while making a purchase can make all the difference. So sharp and effective consumer insights and input can be highly critical when you develop or design new products, ads and so on.


If earlier methodologies have not helped you make the right decisions then in today's world with the development of psychology and behavioral science you can easily make the right choices using implicit testing. To an extent that you will know exactly the space that you operate in and how your competition is stacked up against you.


Reason 1 – Research has to reflect the processes underlying people’s decisions – that’s where  our implicit market research team comes in.

Reason 2 – Our implicit market research gives more than just yes/no answers, but provides actionable insights on what is working well and what should be improved (and how!).

Reason 3 – Strategically investing in the right kind of research at the right time will save you money and prevent you from making costly mistakes down the line.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our long-held notions about what consumers truly think about our brands were shaken at the end of the very first project we did with Krenium. They proved us wrong. And, we knew we were right in choosing Krenium as our research partner.



Prashant Agarwal

Global Marketing Director

The Himalaya Drug Company

   We must admit we had some misgiving, at first, about what Krenium had to say about the pitfalls in the way we were running surveys. They demonstrated to us how they can bridge the gap between what respondents may state in a survey and what they truly think. I wish we had started to work with Krenium earlier.


Mohamad Darwish

Consumer & Market Insights Senior Manager


implicit testing market research

How We Go About Implicit Testing

This is where Krenium’s experience and expertise comes in. Our Implicit testing platforms are built to manage or even circumvent the causes of irrational decision-making. They are time-tested robust systems built on our three decade-long experience in the area of psychology and behavioral science. Our systems are built to map precisely into ways in which people make their decisions. We use implicit testing techniques that cajole consumers in taking decisions exactly the way they do in a real situation. Each custom-made project specs dovetail into your research and commercial needs.

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