Methods of Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

If the message is right then ads become effective.

Advertising Testing Methods

Krenium conducts tests on consumers, using methods of evaluating advertising effectiveness, to seek answers that would essentially help fine tune the message in an advertisement and make it effective.  

Ads are meant to influence the buying process. In an age when a consumer is exposed to a multitude of messages, an ad has to deliver much above its weight. Our ad effectiveness measurement processes and ad testing methods will help weed out what isn’t necessary by measuring advertising effectiveness and focus on what helps influencing the buying process without compromising on the creative content. 

Testing Commercials and Video with Ad Effectiveness Measurement

Is your advertising performing to its potential?

By measuring advertising effectiveness, we have time-tested ways to ensure that your advertising is indeed yielding results.  

Our ad testing methods ensure that your expensive advertising budget is effectively utilized by modifying the message/tone/creativity such that the right brand message is conveyed or an inappropriate one is suitably modified. 

advertising testing methods
advertising testing methods

Testing Print and 2D Media

How can you be sure whether your paid communication made any impact at all?

We have methods of evaluating advertising effectiveness that can test print/ digital to see whether there was any desired effect or not. Scientific methods measure the associations between brands and messages, which can then be used to make the right and effective associations in the campaigns to follow.

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