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Ad Effectiveness with Krenium

Advertising is a high-risk and expensive business. Good advertisements help your brand grow, attract attention, and generate money. Bad advertisements not only fail to live up to your investment but can also do serious damage to your brand.


Advertising testing is the process of putting your ad concepts to the test with a sample group of your market. You may evaluate an entire ad or even portions of it to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck.


At Krenium, we have a unique approach to advertising testing. We apply the scientific ad testing methodology to prove or disprove a hypothesis. We use real-time data collection, measured during the ad itself, to reduce bias and make our process more repeatable.

What are the Key Benefits of Advertising Testing

1) It saves you money when campaigns do not work.

If you had to choose between multiple advertisement campaigns, it could be difficult to decide which one is the most lucrative. Advertising testing allows you to eliminate costly mistakes by showing whether or not an ad campaign is worth pursuing.


2) Data-Driven Decision Making:


Nobody can dispute hard numbers. If you can show which ad ideas are the most effective, convincing coworkers to utilize them should be simple. It makes it much easier to make data-driven decisions.


3) It is an opportunity to finalize your business image or tone: 


Whether you want to stand out in the market, you have to let your market know what they can expect from your business. Advertising testing allows you to refine how people perceive your brand to reflect your values and expectations.


4) It offers suggestions to enhance your advertising campaigns:


Testing can uncover weak spots you might not have been aware of. For example, maybe your ad lacks a call to action, or your logo doesn't pop. Advertising testing will help you discover these problems and recommend a way to fix them.


5) It allows you to comprehend and categorize different audiences:


A single ad might appeal to young men and women, while another will only resonate with the elderly. Advertising testing allows you to discover these different demographics so you can produce multiple ads for every audience.

Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

Krenium uses implicit advertising testing methods to measure advertising effectiveness.


Implicit testing is a research method where respondents are presented with an ad in the real world context without being told they are taking part in a study. This means the respondent does not know they are taking part in advertising research. The ads can be viewed on TV, online, or anywhere they would normally be seen.


Commercials and Video with Ad


It's not only about advertising your company and showcasing your goods. It should arouse emotions that draw the viewer in and inspire. Based on our unique perspective, we can best comprehend this intricate relationship with a complete set of implicit measurements.


Our implicit measurements are not based on questionnaires but rather on specific parameters automatically detected in any video. These measurements include the number of times the ad was watched, the time spent watching it, and the number of viral views.


We'll work with you to enhance your advertising and guarantee you don't make costly errors. Your advertisements will be tailored to meet your unique goals, such as:

  • launching a new brand,

  • Changing consumer perceptions of a brand

  • Attracting the attention of the audience

  • Providing accurate information


Whether you want to know how your current television commercials perform or whether you're curious about creating a production-ready commercial, we assist you in making the best judgments possible.


Testing Print and 2D Media


We can assess how interesting a piece of media is by looking at which components capture visual attention and how people interact with it. For example, we take into consideration which sections or stops the respondent made, how long they looked at each component, and how quickly they glanced through it.


For print, we can track how many people view the ad, where they look first, and what elements of the advertisement draw their gaze. We can also detect facial expressions (fear or happiness) to understand what feelings are evoked.


Our 2D media tests provide powerful data that marketers can use better to understand their customers' emotional responses to print advertisements.

For more details on how we can help you with your Advertising Testing, contact us at

Why Trust Krenium for Your Advertising Testing?

In a world where there is so much competition for your audience's attention, you need every advantage possible. What if the media you spent thousands on received an "F" from your consumers? At Krenium, we have five major reasons why ad testing is so vital to marketing success.


     1) It ensures that your ads are achieving their goals before you invest in them.

     2) It reduces the risk of creating an ad that falls flat with your audience.

     3) It's a better predictor of future behavior than traditional advertising metrics.

     4) We use implicit market research techniques so consumer responses remain anonymous without disrupting natural viewing habits.

     5) The analysis is done in real-time so that you can make split-second adjustments to your strategy.


Using advertising testing before investing in a new advertising campaign is the first step toward cutting costs and maximizing returns. You won't find yourself wondering if you should have put more money into an ad that didn't work or regret not spending on an ad that caught fire with your audience.

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