Brand Identity Research

It's when we delved deep did we realize how people think of brands at an unconscious level

How We Do Brand Personality Research

We use a comprehensive range of technologies and tools from the disciplines of neuroscience, experimental psychology, and the cognitive, consumer and decision sciences to help evaluate your brand positioning through using enhanced research methodologies.

For almost a decade Krenium, a brand identity research company, has been at the forefront neuromarketing. We have the ability to analyze and interpret psychophysiological responses to advertising, marketing and communications in conjunction with our virtual lab. We, as a brand research company, measure the body and brain’s responses to stimuli to make recommendations to help you create the most effective and engaging communications.

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Brand Positioning Research Methodology

Questions About Your Brand Personality Research

  • What personality traits does your brand have and how strongly do people unconsciously link these to your brand?

  • How can your communications change the strength of these associations and attitudes?

  • Which touchpoints fit well with your brand identity?

  • Does your brand have mobility or is it stuck in a category, and if so, why?