How We Do It

We assist in capturing the customer mindset and figuring out how customers think in the course of the purchase decision process.

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Tapping into the Unconscious

How do consumers make purchasing decisions?  Well, now capturing customers’ mindset is possible with some precision. We have the tools and the expertise to find out how customers think and what consumers are not saying. Capturing customer's reactions about words or imagery during the purchase decision process that are hidden behind the conscious mind. We can measure the subconscious mind and make judicious decisions. We help you figure out consumers' buying decision processes and how do consumers make purchasing decisions.

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Visual Perception

It’s a thin line that separates what a consumer sees versus what companies want them to see. Krenium’s methods of capturing customers’ mindset during the purchase decision process can help you do that. Our network partners range across the USA, UK, UAE, Singapore and India.