Package testing market research

Packaging and package designs are no mere pushovers. They can help a brand make the right noises in the world of marketing.

Package Testing Methods

Is design of packaging such a big deal? It’s a big deal, if only you know what it takes to get there. With neuromarketing tools for package testing market research testing, Krenium can guide a marketing team as to where they are going wrong in the design of packaging. In an area that is now gaining ground rapidly, Krenium is able to help companies take corrective measures much before they invest substantially into packaging, by providing correct package testing market research.

package testing methods

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package testing methods

Packaging Design Testing

Even though people think they are rational in their judgment, it  is true that they have impressionable minds and great designs and innovations in packages have a perceptible influence on consumer choices. 


We are all primed by our first encounters with a product and then we search for evidence that fits with what we’ve already decided is right.

At Krenium, we have proven package design testing methods that can be tailor-made for a company’s needs/ objectives. 

Product Testing Techniques in Market Research

We offer a series of implicit and explicit tests that can be easily incorporated at various design stages in the package design testing process including:

Pack associations – what the pack makes people feel about the product

Visibility at the point of sale – e.g. shelf standout

Pack element standout – visibility of design components

Product comprehension – what the pack communicates

Product liking – preference between packaging alternatives