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Packaging testing with Krenium

In all retail environments, appealing to customers on an emotional level is a contemporary difficulty. Packages that evoke a multi-sensory response provide companies the chance to stand out and inspire others. They not only highlight the product's benefits but also generate narratives that expose the brand's potential.


Packaging is a significant influence on consumer purchasing intent. Four in five consumers have given a new product a try simply because they liked the packaging of the product, and 1 in 2 have switched brands because they preferred the new brand's packaging.


Packaging testing allows your target audience to see many packaging designs, and it requires them to evaluate each one. What do they like the most? Which is the likeliest to entice someone to buy?


We have quantitative pack testing approaches at Krenium that allow for adaptability and scalability based on your project's goals and scope.

Key Characteristics of Good Packaging

Meet Retail Requirements

It's critical to figure out the needs of merchants before beginning the design process. Taking note of what packaging material is best for storage and store shelves, as well as what types of packaging sell the most, is a good place to begin.


It Must Make the Brand and Purpose Clear


The best packaging features a clear message. It tells people what the product is and why they should purchase it, which helps shoppers make informed decisions. Packaging can also spur brand interest by making them easier to pinpoint in the store, where they're likely to be buried amidst numerous other options.


It Should Awaken Emotions


Emotions are connected to memories, and brand packaging designs that elicit emotions are more likely to be remembered than those not. Some businesses may appeal to consumers' emotions of nostalgia, pleasure, or ambition.

Our Approach to Package Testing

We provide a variety of implicit and explicit tests that may be simply included at different package design testing phases, including:


Pack associations – What feelings does the pack evoke in the customer about the product. This test is highly recommended when you want to know what emotions the product triggers when it comes in contact with your consumer's mind.


Visibility at the point of sale – This test evaluates the pack's visibility in the store by determining your consumer's attention when they are in a retail location. This test is for you if you want to know which of your designs is more likely to catch someone's eye.


Pack element standout – This test evaluates the individual elements of your pack, such as font size and color, to understand if they are communicating with your consumer.


Product comprehension – This test helps you know if your consumer understands what the product is for or if they are even interested in learning more about it.


Product liking – This test is most useful for knowing which of your designs is most likely to make someone buy the product.

For more details on how we can help you with your Package Testing, contact us at

Optimize Packaging Design for Brand Success

Our package testing market research can help you find winning designs and improve new and updated packaging for the consumer. We provide world-class insights that get results. 


We've attempted to document the consumer's entire experience with behavioral and implicit metrics, as well as pioneering virtual reality technology that replicates the in-store and online environments. It gives a precise picture of pack involvement and its potential impact on sales.


Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself to help you design effective package design outlines.

  • Which new pack or redesign will be the most distinctive?

  • Which pack type will perform the best in a new market or commerce channel?

  • How can I improve my portfolio by optimizing a new pack or refreshing an old one?

  • In a real-world scenario, how will my pack function?

  • What can I do to make my packaging more appealing?


Krenium has a team of experts that can help you conduct the right tests and provide you with accurate results. You can use our cost-effective package testing market research to better understand your consumer and improve upon your current designs.


We've developed a variety of package design testing processes that can be tailored to a business's specific needs and goals.

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