How to Attract Customers Attention Online by Measuring Visual Attention

Possible to predict which type of visual elements would catch a person’s attention? Well, that’s our day job! Krenium, makes use of the marketing strategies to attract customers.

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Marketing Techniques to Attract Customer

How do we catch attention in advertising? How to attract customers online? How can we improve visual attention? How on earth do our eyes fall on a product from among thousands of similar others? It cannot be a pure chance that some brands get noticed by a majority compared to the dozens of others. Packaging plays a role much greater than what we actually concede. At Krenium, we have the marketing strategies to attract customers, we have devised a number of tests that allow us to assess how easily /rapidly products are able to attract consumer attention and also improve visual attention towards it. The learning from such tests can be ploughed back into the design stage to ensure that a brand can very consciously seek out admirers.

how to catch attention in advertising