What We Have Done

Here is some of our recent work that depicts how our team has helped organizations in the  rational decision making process via implicit testing. The rational decision making process provides both structure and discipline to the decision making process.

Our team working across the USA, UK, UAE, Singapore and India, is ready with the latest and updated implicit research techniques to help your organizations walk the rational decision making process journey.

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Examples of companies adapting to rational decision making

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Logo that Makes the Right Impressions.jpg

Logo that Makes the Right Impressions

We helped a leading global banking and financial institution make a clear choice between a new logo they were considering and their current logo by using the right rational decision making. The difference between them was imperceptible at the 'rational' level. Traditional research using explicit questioning only had failed; measurement of reactions on the Krenium platform revealed differences in brand impressions formed at the unconscious level.

Nudges that are Effective.jpg

Nudges that are Effective

A leading global beverage manufacturer wanted to assess the potential impact of the nudges they considered as part of their communications effort for a new brand extension. As the word suggests, a rational decision-making process brings logic and order to decision making.

Shortlisting Winning Product Ideas.jpg

Shortlisting Winning Product Ideas

As a strategic partner in their annual product innovation program, we gave a multinational food manufacturer guidance on selecting high potential winners from a large set of new product ideas. 

Packaging that Makes an Impact.jpg

Packaging that Makes an Impact

A regional manufacturer of water, juices, and dairy products needed to select between two packaging options for their yogurt drink flagship brand. So they used rational decision making, that helped them to make a better decision. The impact of colours and motifs on the unconscious brand associations were captured through implicit testing run on the Krenium platform.