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Krenium, a top market research firm,  are a leading customer journey consultants. We with the help of market research, help you figure out consumers' decision making process and why they decide the way they do.

A Team of Inquisitive Insight Diggers

Krenium, as a market research company doesn’t look at your problems through a traditional marketing research lens. This Consumer research company works in the area of consumer decision making.


If any market research consulting company simply ask consumers why they decide to choose a given item, their answers will not reveal their behavior's true drivers.


Krenium, being one of the leading market research consulting companies, combines such 'explicit' approaches with newer methods that identify implicit attitudes. Our customer journey consultants will help you understand your customers better and give them personalized support.


For instance, as a top market research firm, we get people to make lots of quick, simple decisions under time pressure. By measuring their responses' speed and accuracy, we can infer how confident they are in their choices and identify the associated concepts that underlie their opinions. 

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A Market Research Firm

Himanshu Vashishtha

Chief Executive Officer

Arun Joshi

Chief Research Officer

Shekhar Vaidya

Chief Marketing Officer

Nilesh Nayak

Chief Technology Officer

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